Social Media Marketing

$199 set up fee + $19 per month. No long-term contracts.

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube have very high traffic. There are literally thousands of other smaller sites that, when combined, have loads of easy to get traffic. The key is to, first find out what your customer base uses for social media, then target those media’s to build your customer experience and your brand.

We specialize in Social Media. As with each of our strategies to get you more traffic, we focus on customer conversion. How else will you know if a social media campaign is working. Because each company we work with is different, we offer packages that are totally customized but have the flexibility to be priced the same. So while with one company we might focus on Twitter and YouTube, for another we might focus on 10 small niche social media accounts, all the while building back links at over 100 different sites.

The great thing about social media bookmarking style back links is that they are organic and are usually indexed quickly. We pride ourselves on showing just how fast we can get high PR back links coming to your website.

Our SEO Online Marketing Package provides you with…

  • Target Keywords Up to 30 Target Keywords
  • Social Bookmarking 100 Submissions
  • Inbound Link Building included
  • Customer Analysis strategies to determine where your customers are

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