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2006 was the start of something unique – OXY Creative was born… Having worked in the rich field of internet design and internet marketing, OXY Creative started to realize that small- and medium-sized businesses needed to have access to superior talent without having to spend a superior amount of cash or use outsourced service companies outside the USA.

OXY Creative was created. The main concept behind the company was to provide solutions and processes that are both affordable and easy for small businesses to use. So, along the road to building unique one-off internet applications and websites, OXY Creative began to see more and more of its business heading in the search engine marketing arena. In 2008, Social OXY was conceived and started producing its own results.


These results, while independent from the creative side of OXY, were just as well received in local business circles. Though Social OXY has only been around a short time, the results speak for themselves and our clients echo the sentiment. We are here to stay and each day brings more solidification to our unique process of ranking and converting website traffic for companies much like our own.

Our main goal is to help local businesses understand and use online marketing as a tool to increase both sales and relationships in an online world that changes rapidly.