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How to Find Out if Your Customers Are Using Social Media

Before you take the jump into the social media ocean, you may want to take a day and decide if your customers are even using social media.  My guess is that they are, but hey, what do I know.

Here are a few ways that you can go about checking (spying) on your customers to see what they are up to in the social media arena.

1. You could simply ASK your customers.  Add some fields to your website email collection form or your in store forms.  You’ll be surprised how many people will divulge their information to you.  Tell them you send out special deals through social media outlets.  They will surely sign up.
2. The CHEAPEST and often most effective way to figure out which customers are using Facebook and Twitter (which are the two main social sites) would be to apply some Gmail trickery.

  • Create a new Gmail Account (don’t use an existing one).
  • Create a .csv file of your customer email list and upload in to this new Gmail Account.
  • Create a new account on Twitter using your special new Gmail email.  On the “Find Friends” step of the Twitter signup process, select Gmail.  PRESTO CHANGO! – Twitter automically looks at your email account and tells you which of these have twitter accounts.  You simply follow them.
  • NEXT setup a Facebook account using your Gmail address. On the “Find Friends” step of the Twitter signup process, select Gmail.  PRESTO CHANGO! – One click later and you can friend all of them at one time.

3. There are a few companies that will do this sort of work for you and are very affordable.  Flowtown is my favorite “spy” network.  You upload your customer email list and they give you tons of useful information back, including what social networks your customers are using.

There are probably three or four other things you could do to get this information, but I think these are the easiest.  Once you have made the decision that, indeed your customers are like the rest of the world and using social media, then you need to get a plan for how your company should use these technologies.  SocialOXY has lots of experience in converting social media fan bases into customers.  Give us a call if you need some guidance. 1-866-907-7393

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